Copy of Tip Tuesdays 2-4-20


Every 1st Tuesday of the month Hot Coco Cosmetics will feature cosmetic tips from the best Make Up Artists in the industry. This opportunity gives MUA's exposure as well as helps those who are new to the industry understand the best practices from the professionals themselves from their point of view.

If you wish to be featured in Tip Tuesdays, all submissions must include the following:


1. Your Bio (Which Includes):

- Your name &/or Website, Instagram / Twitter handle.

- How long you have been a makeup artist professionally.

- Your location: Country, Sate, City (ex. U.S., NY, Manhattan).

- A recent selfie of yourself.


2. Submit 3 to 5 Cosmetics tips that have helped you perfect your craft. Some examples of tips are:

- How to apply make-up to your face.

- Techniques for blending & make-up removal.

- Which hues complement your complexion.

- Etc...

(You may also include what techniques and/or practices you wouldn't do and why.)


3. Include at least 3 selfies of yourself applying make-up for one of the tips you provided.

All submissions should be sent to Hot Coco Cosmetics via email: This is a great opportunity to get exposure and build your brand. Selected MUA's will be featured on Submit today and tag a fellow MUA.


Tip Tuesday - 2/4/20: Featuring: Nicole, Satin & Meliane.

Name: Nicole
Instagram: @Nikkicolie_makeup
Professional MUA: 4 yrs.
Location: United States, New York, Brooklyn


Who is Nicole?

I’m an art lover. I’ve always had a passion for art, especially drawing and painting from when I was young. However, I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 21. That was the age where I started to venture out in the world. I had signed up for a few beauty subscription services. They looked like a ton of fun, and I wanted to build my make up collection. I soon after became hooked. That is where my passion began to take off. This was about four years ago when I started learning that the art world and the beauty world are parallel to one another. Many techniques used in painting also applies to makeup. In this case, one's facade is the canvas.



1. I always use concealer as my eye primer when applying shadow on the lids. Concealer holds the shadow down better than any regular eye primer. It gives a good base and prevents creasing.


2. I love to apply shadow all over the lid using my ring or index finger rather than a brush. The ring/index finger is the most delicate of all your fingers. The shadow will always go on beautifully, never harsh.


3. I like to apply some of my highlighter (or the lightest shimmer eyeshade) to the inner corners of the eyes. It brightens up the area and opens up the eye.

Name: Satin Sache't

Instagram: @silk_sachet


Professional MUA: 2 yrs.

Location: United States, New York, Manhattan



Who is Satin?

Satin never attended cosmetology school. She is a self-taught freelance MUA who fell in love with makeup about 3-4 years ago & hasn't stopped since. She realized that there weren't many makeup artists who attempted "Out of this world" looks so she started to re-create fun/wacky looks & added her own magic to it. The results always made her happy. Her true inspiration comes from the real artists, that respect the craft and know that although there may not be any rules when it comes to makeup, there are indeed theories that should be applied accordingly to achieve an amazing look.



1. When applying a matte lipstick/stain be sure to exfoliate your lips first and moisturize second. This will leave a smooth base for the lipstick to adhere to.


2. When trying to color correct, only use small drops in specific areas where there are dark spots/discoloration/freckles/pigmentation. If you add an immense amount if will begin to show through your concealer/foundation.


3. When applying false lashes, only add a small amount of lash glue. Then let the glue dry for about 2 to 3 minutes - just enough to get tacky. Look down into a mirror, apply the lashes right in the middle then apply pressure to the inner and outer corners accordingly. Feel free to add some black eye liner on top to cover the lash band.


4. To achieve the "false eyelash look" using your own lashes, this technique is called "wardrobe mascara". Start with a primer/white mascara and add to the lashes sparingly. This makes the lashes get thicker and longer, then apply 2 - 3 coats of black volume mascara. You don't want it to look clumpy so make sure to apply the mascara from the base of the lashes upward (in a wiggle motion) to keep lashes from getting stuck together.




5. After all your makeup is applied, and you choose to use setting spray, never just spray and let it set. Grab a damp beauty blender and tap lightly into the face so that the setting spray can work as it should (being a finish base to hold all the makeup in place).

Name: Meliane Lathro

Instagram: @mua_melianee


Professional MUA: 2 yrs.

Location: United States, New York, Manhattan



Who is Meliane?

Meliane has always been a very creative person since her childhood. As a toddler, her father could already see the way she would get busy with her hands. For this reason, he would tell her mother that she would love everything that involves Beauty/ Fashion.


How her love for makeup developed?

In her Sophomore year of High School, Meliane started accompanying her friends on frequent trips to MAC and Sephora. From those trips, she found an interest in makeup. Because she was very eager to learn, she would spend her free time watching Youtube makeup videos, and practice what she had learned. That same year, her peers started to recognize her talent as she learned quickly and was able to explore her creativity. However, it was not until her senior year of High School that she considered having a career in makeup. After graduating, she spent most of her time perfecting her skills, and technique.


Nearly four years later, in 2019, Meliane decided to finally launch her brand "Pearled by Mel" that caters to women of all ages and races, as she believes there is no age to “ slay" (look good). She also wants to remind each woman that she is a Queen and should be taken care of majestically.

Meliane intends to create a place where women can come and get all of their cosmetic needs met while attending to their mental health as well.


She is currently studying Business Marketing & Psychology at Baruch College. Therefore, she understands the importance of mental health, and see's makeup as a way to care for one’s mind because of its therapeutic aspect.


Tips for a flawless makeup application:


1. The best tip I can give to get a flawless foundation/concealer application, is to spread the product a bit everywhere on the face and let it sit on the skin for a while. This way, you don’t have to blend too much and most of the product stays on the skin; not on the beauty blender or brush. (Remember to always use a tapping motion to apply your foundation.)


2. Properly moisturizing and prepping the skin is also very important for a flawless makeup application.



1. As for eyeshadow, always start in your crease area. That way it is easier to figure out the next step. Remember to always start with a small amount of eyeshadow, and add more as you go, especially if you are a beginner.


2. Remember it’s just makeup. It's supposed to be fun. Don’t be scared to get creative and try new things.




"Becasue you are a Queen, & deserve to be ADORNED with PEARLS". Favorite Quote: Meliane Lathro