About Hot Coco Cosmetics

    We are Hot Coco Cosmetics and our mission is to uplift, empower, support, & eventually assemble confidence in women & girls around the globe. We will accomplish this by eliminating societies standards in “Beauty”. We specialized in all-natural makeup products that bring out the glory of all skin tones. All women are powerful, strong and passionate and the backbone of this company is built on just that. We started this business because we were tired of products and makeup brands not paying attention to features, undertones, and skin textures of all women. Our goal is to bring you products that enhance not only your outer beauty but your understanding that All women are stunning and unique.
Our Products
Hot Coco Cosmetics currently has five products that are available for purchase:
Classic Lipstick, Matte Liquid, Lip Gloss, Liquid Lipstick & Eyeshadow Palettes. 
Classic Lipsticks
Our Classic Lipsticks comes in 6 hues: Amaretto, Raspberry Freeze, Dubonnet, Raisin, Bronze Gold & Scoundrel. 
Matte Lipsticks
Our Matte Lipsticks comes in 4 hues: Forever Young, Dare Devil, Dusty Rose & Wild Thing.
Lip Gloss
Our Lip Gloss comes in 4 hues: Pink Icing, Cherry Coco, Caramel Kiss & Peach Cobbler.
Liquid Lipsticks
Our Liquid Lipsticks comes in 3 hues: Cowboy Suede, Relentless Red & Rockstar. 
Eyeshadow Palettes
We have 3 Holiday Eyeshadow Palettes: New Years 2020, Happy Holidays & Rebel Rose.