Tip Tuesdays

Every 1st Tuesday of the month Hot Coco Cosmetics will feature cosmetic tips from the best Make Up Artists in the industry. This opportunity gives MUA's exposure as well as helps those who are new to the industry understand the best practices from the professionals themselves from their point of view.

If you wish to be featured in Tip Tuesdays, all submissions must include the following:


1. Your Bio (Which Includes):

- Your name &/or Website, Instagram / Twitter handle.

- How long you have been a makeup artist professionally.

- Your location: Country, Sate, City (ex. U.S., NY, Manhattan).

- A recent selfie of yourself.


2. Submit 3 to 5 Cosmetics tips that have helped you perfect your craft. Some examples of tips are:

- How to apply make-up to your face.

- Techniques for blending & make-up removal.

- Which hues complement your complexion.

- Etc...

(You may also include what techniques and/or practices you wouldn't do and why.)


3. Include at least 3 selfies of yourself applying make-up for one of the tips you provided.

All submissions should be sent to Hot Coco Cosmetics via email: madeofhotcoco@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to get exposure and build your brand. Selected MUA's will be featured on www.hotcococosmetics.com. Submit today and tag a fellow MUA.



Name: Opal Selena

Instagram: @Opalselena

Youtube: Opal Selena

MUA: 3 yrs.

Location: United StatesFlorida, Orlando



1. If you’re a beginner, the key component to a flawless makeup application is to make it your own. Try not to follow everyone else, just make it your own.


2. Blend, Blend, Blend. Blending is key to a flawless foundation & eyeshadow look. May I go on?


3. For contour and highlight, keep it minimal and you will get the best result. Keep your concealer one to two shades lighter, then go in with a lighter powder.


4. I don’t recommend baking, especially if you're new to makeup. I personally don’t like it because it makes my face very dry and the flash back is just crazy.


Name: Mechell Roberson

Instagram: @Meeshieinthecity

You Tube: The Meeshie Brand

MUA: 3 yrs.

Location: United States, New York, Brooklyn



Who is Meeshie?

My name is Mechell aka “Meeshie”. I have been doing makeup for about 3 years now! I remember stumbling across a YouTube video on how to contour and I remember thinking what the heck was that? I watched the video and became AMAZED at how the woman transformed herself into a more enhanced, Gorgeous version of HERSELF! Ever since then I became determined to master makeup artistry. I became obsessed with the idea that I can make myself look like anything I wanted to look like! So I volunteered in numerous fashion shows, enrolled in training courses, and even invested in a kit! I’ve come pretty far in my skills but I still crave to learn more! (SB: Everyone knows me as the eyebrow queen!)


5 Tips that have helped me in my makeup game!

1. Use glue for eyebrow grooming! This seriously works like a charm since I have naturally thick unruly brows. I like to take the tiniest bit and rub it in my eyebrows then take a spoolie or eyebrow brush and brush them up to create a feathered brow! 


2. PAT, Don’t rub in your foundation! This is a tip that elevated my skills. Before I used to rub in my foundation with my foundation brush in circles. Doing this left my foundation streaky. YUCK! Now I prefer to place the foundation all over my face first. Then, I gently pat in my foundation. Doing this gives it a more soft and flawless skin-like appearance. 


3. Don’t set your eyeshadow base! For me, it’s like completing two steps in one! Allowing your eyeshadow to set the base allows for a more smooth application and better color payoff. I notice that when I set my base with powder and then go in with eyeshadow, my shadows become patchy! 


4. Let your concealer sit for a while! Being that I have dark circles, it is best when I let my concealer sit for a while instead of immediately going in and blending it out. This is because letting it sit allows the formula to thicken up a bit making it more full coverage. Also, it makes sure that it won’t spread to areas where you don’t want it. 


5. Don't just spray your face with setting spray! Let the spray set on your face for a while. After all, it is a setting spray. Meaning that it is meant to be set into the skin to allow more longevity for your makeup. After I spray my face, I take my face brush and gently pat the spray in. It works like a charm!